New year = New opportunities

My excuse for not keeping some consistency up on my blog has been because I was just getting my head round it. My real reason was because I am lazy and too busy beavering away at something too important to write about. But yes, it did eventually dawn on my that I could let others know what I’m up to by posting in my blog! Yay! I have woken up.

So, to start off I have embarked on a very interesting collaboration on a project called Kaisen with a guy called Me Raabenstein who heads nonine records in Berlin. This is a journey into experimental electronica and contemporary classical/avant garde music. Some of the pieces on the album is material of mine that has featured on film in the past, and some of it is totally new. Watch this space…..and the album’s release in the spring. Also check out Kaisen.

Another great opporunity came my way a few weeks ago in the guise of the Royal Academy of Arts who commissioned me to write a series of pieces for a documentary that is being shown as part of the Palladio exhibition which runs till April at the Royal Academy. This was fantastic as I was reminded what one can achieve givenĀ  such a short space of time. Check it out and go see it if you can- RA

The month is Febuary and London has not seen snow like today in 18 years they say. The many sounds of snow are just incredible….

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