Time Lapse

Febuary has been and gone and we are hurtling into spring at an alarming rate. Evenings are getting longer and we can take the dog out later in the afternoon without having to come back in the dark.
So I just came back from Berlin where I had an intense few days working on Kaisen, alongside nonine recordings owner Me Raabenstein, on some ideas we have been cooking up for a while. The idea was to collate some of these and start putting body to skeleton. The album concept is based around the exploration of space and form where each track is an aural picture of a real space; a busy airport, a side street in an urban jungle. The instrumentation is an interesting mix of found sound, glitch electronica and elements of classical orchestration, creating an edgy mix of down tempo ambient soundscapes. We are looking at sometime the end of the year for a release date, but we’ll most probably have an EP’s worth of material by the spring. Watch this space……
Another little project I was involved in recently was the East London Cycling Project which was part of the Do something different week at the Barbican.

‘Take a virtual ride and experience the boroughs of East London on different tours designed and run by Vitra London. Each tour is an exciting, interactive glimpse into the cultural myths of the East End and features the sights, smells and sounds of the kingdom on our doorstep.’

check it out here.  I stitched together the  music for this project.

Other things are on horizon, branching out and away a little from my film focus over the last couple of years, but that’s cool. I’m really open to new things and have a great feeling about forthcoming projects this year.

Tune in next month for some updates.

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