In attempt to sit down and write my entry in here for nigh on a month now, I’ve acumulated more and more events and news as the days went by. Which is great, but you end up sitting here reading this like it was my life history, instead of small titbits every few couple of weeks. But never mind, you can read my twittering for a daily digest….

Well, first off I’ll tell you about my canceled trip to the Seychelles. Actually there’s nothing to tell because I never went. Through an acquaintance in the piano business, I was offered the opportunity to travel to the Seychelles and maintain the pianos for the International Classical Music Festival there.

I was very excited. Firstly to travel to the Seychelles, as it’s not the kind of place you get to on a budget airline on a weekend break! My wife Keren, sadly couldn’t join me, as she had a busy week herself. Secondly, since the pianos had not been seen to over the past three years, who knows what condition they were going to be in. It was an exciting challenge to predict what kind of tools I should bring, and travel lightly at the same time.

I was trying to plan my next few weeks and work around scoring the soundtrack for The Shadow ( more about that soon) and as I was supposed to travel to the Seychelles on Saturday the 23rd of May,  things were getting a little tricky. On the thursday I get an email from the Festival organizers to say the festival has been canceled! Due to serious logistical problems, they decided to cancel the whole festival. This had been relayed by email to 120 other musicians, technical staff and crew. Wow!  Apparently things had not come together between the different organizations responsible for the smooth running of the festival.

Blessing in disguise? Maybe, as it gives me more time to finish the soundtrack for The Shadow. A few weeks ago, a friend and colleague of mine, Frank Ilfman, asked me if I’d like to collaborate with him to score a low budget feature. It was more of a favour to the director, but this has it’s merits.

So we started plotting and spotting, and delivered a cue sheet with no less than 34 cues! It’s a psychological horror flick without the gore. Actually very good, with a great film editor attached. Frank turns round a few days later and asks if I’ll take it on myself as he’d just got offered another film in Dublin.

This is my first Feature and I’m well pleased! So the heat is on and I am deep in scoring mode.

Another titbit is my new online music store hosted by youlicense. This is a great place for me to host my music, 3rd party free, and have direct contact with my customers. It’s also a great place to send people to listen to selected playlists from my catalogue. Check it out!

Our dog will be 1 year old next week. Thats 7 in doggy year. Boy does se act her age.

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