New year new beginnings

Ok, so a blog entry has been well overdue, and I’ve been meaning to write about stuff for a long time now. Needless to say a lot has been happening. On a personal level and on a career level.

So to start where I left off last, brings me to announce my best news yet which is that we are expecting our first child in two months! This is immensely good news and we are naturally very excited. A much anticipated addition to our little family, even our hound Pia can’t wait. She told me so…

Things have been brewing on other fronts. The Feature film I did last year ‘The Shadow’ got picked up in the US by a distributer and is dually doing the festival rounds this year. And I just heard that ‘Crossing Borders’ another feature documentary I did the sound design for a while back, won the Illinois international film festival best Documentary award. Not exactly a top rung festival, but still something to add to the kudos collection.

In July of last year I was approached by Fiyah Films to work on two short films for them. One of them, I Was The Baker, is now almost complete and I will be posting a clip of it up here very soon. A beautiful and sad  film about the Rwandan atrocities seen from the eyes of a British immigrant.

In the ever expanding world of music technology, and the ever expanding virtual studio, I was asked to write a review of an instrument that gets the most use for me- the piano. Although I have my very own and very old Bechstein upright piano, I will use a variety of virtual ‘computer’ pianos in my productions. This is because they are far more transportable, no tuning needed on them, (I know that doesn’t make sense, being a piano tuner myself), and they can fit into any kind of production with a little bit of tweaking. So I did a little shoot-out between the creme de la creme of the piano world. You can read it here .

My foray into blurring the boundries between music and sound design is proving well and I just finished a corporate advert for HSE. Working with the team at ESA Films was great as they are really good craftsmen and able to convey their ideas very clearly, both to the client and to me. Check the video out on my portfolio page

Next week I’m off to Berlin to complete work on Kaisen and the upcoming album P.u.u.u.rification. It’s been about a year since we started working on some ideas, and it has now grown into a full blown album. This is really great and it’s meant I’ve had the opportunity to marry both my love of piano improvisation, orchestral arrangement and electronic soundscapes into one coherent body. Plus I get to have a record in my hands. nonine I love you guys! A release date is not confirmed yet but will be early march. Stay tuned for a little preview soon.

I am now  also being represented by Eaton Music, a well respected TV and Film publisher and composer agent. This is a step in the right direction for me I believe, and I’m very happy to be working with the very nice people at Eaton!

The new year has eased itself in very smoothly and I’ve not even noticed the change in gears, but things have shifted and we’re on a wider road now.

Stay tuned for more news as things progress

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