Happy new year to you all!

This year has zipped by us and I’m only barely holding onto the sides. Needless to say, from my last post here, I have not kept the promise to myself to try and keep a consistent blog. But hey ho, what can I say. Things don’t always end up as they are planned! Thats not to say nothings happened .

The birth of our second child Maya Adama in October has been the highlight of course. Not discounting the run up to it! I feel truly blessed and wholesome (well, apart from the lack of sleep and it’s side effects!)

Career wise, my piano business is moving at a pace and I’m acquiring new customers on a weekly basis.  All thanks to some serious old school leg work I did earlier this year canvassing a large section of London and dropping a jaw dropping amount of leaflets. Google Ads eat your heart out!

I also contributed a series of cues for Twisted Jukebox. Their Trailer Tools and Drones albums are set of music and sound design cues for the trailer industry focusing on high impact/suspense/action/horror genres. Their current catalogue is made up of some seriously twisted sound made to make you jump, squirm, shiver, freeze and the kind of things you do when watching this type of flick. Blood curdling. You can listen to some of it here

As if thats not enough, Focus Music, whom I’ve been writing music for over the past few years, have commissioned a whole album’s worth of this kind of material. Shiver me timbers!!

Aside from the gory stuff there’s been the odd uplifting and inspirational spot such as this one for the Global Education Leadership Programme (GELP).

Music talk aside, I’m trying to channel my coffee addiction into a positive experience by grinding my own beans. I recently discovered a great coffee roaster called Climpson and Sons through a good friend of mine Roee , who specialize in high quality beans from a hand picked selection of growers. So no blends!

We did a tasting of about 13 different types of coffee. Each one was sampled by paper filter with and without milk. It was amazing to really taste the difference between coffee beans from different regions of Africa, South America and even the far east. Both of us were pretty wired afterwards as we forgot the get the spitting bowl out!

Here are some pics of the experience

Wishing you all a great entrance into the 12th year of this millenium!


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